What is Multimedia Advocacy and
how does it work?

People with learning and communication difficulties can often experience problems with making themselves understood when speaking to others. Multimedia Advocacy involves supporting them to develop their own multimedia person centred portfolio. Using this portfolio, people with learning and communication difficulties can share their interests and tastes and better explain the ways that they like to be supported. Also, in creating the portfolio, they develop new skills in the use of computers and in general social interaction and communication.

Multimedia Advocacy is an inclusive way for staff of all disciplines to work with adults or children with learning or communication difficulties. It will be of interest to social services staff, teachers and teaching assistants, staff from voluntary organisations, parents and carers.

Multimedia Advocacy is an approach where the member of staff learns the theoretical and technical underpinnings and in inclusive sessions supports a person with a learning disability to develop their multimedia person centred portfolio. The portfolio can take different forms depending on the needs of an individual for example: curriculum vitae, person centred plan, health action plan, support plan or record of achievements.

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